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MIRAMAR EOOD was established in 1997 in Burgas, as an agency for customs representation and preparation of customs documentation for our customers. In fact, we are the successors of a former sole proprietorship company with the same scope of activity. Economic environment is rapidly changing. The new company aims not only to maintain its existing business but also to benefit from the city’s advantages.

Burgas is a border point not only of Bulgaria but of the European Union also. There is a port, an important railway junction, an international motorway, free zone and an airport.

MIRAMAR has established good relationships with the representatives of MSC and the then-existing container line Bulcon. This is important because our customers need support not only in customs clearance but also in dealing with related logistics. We gradually and constantly expand our relationships with Port of Burgas. We negotiate cost effective terminal handling contracts. The Company is expanding its scope of business by maintaining good relationships with the other transport links. The Company is certified as an authorized economic operator for Burgas Customs and provides its customers with a wide range of services. The Company maintains a bank guarantee covering transit operations across the country. We partner with customs agencies in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse, and other administrative centrŠµs. Some important border checkpoints, such as Kapitan Andreevo, Svilengrad, Kulata, Danube Bridge, are also part of our partner network. Our customers appreciate the opportunity to move their goods under customs supervision. MIRAMAR takes the trust placed in it responsibly and offers its customers more and more opportunities: administration of customs regimes, transport and warehouse services.

Meanwhile, Port of Burgas became part of the service lines of other container lines- Maersk, Yang Ming, Hapaq Lloyd. MIRAMAR has not missed the opportunity to establish contacts with representatives of these lines. We offer our customers maritime transport services and negotiate contracts with agents in many European ports- Antwerp, Ghent, Valencia, Barcelona, Castellon de la Plana. MIRAMAR confidently develops ever-expanding logistics services that distinguish us in the industry. Through our visionary approach we are constantly expanding our range of services. The accession of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union extended the logistics chain. We support our customers’ business relationships by introducing them to the preferential agreements between the European Union and third countries. We prepare accounting documentation for foreign trade transactions, and explain the administrative measures to goods that are moved to and from the European Community.

MIRAMAR keeps a close watch on the economic development and trade flows, and negotiates contracts for cooperation with agencies to assist the shipping of goods from major Chinese ports: Ningbo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Huangpu, Shenzhen and others.

The proper evaluation of the economic environment and the changes in the trade flows keep our Company in line with the amendments to the Customs Code, the trade rules and other legal provisions. Our good business organization allows us to maintain the best team of professionals. Our team consists of experienced freight forwarders with more than 40 years of experience, young people introducing modern technologies and improving the operations of the Company, qualified staff engaged with international trade relations, merchandise experts, transport experts. Our reputation allows us to recruit employees who contribute to the company’s becoming a leader in the logistics industry.

The people working for MIRAMAR are not just professionals. We work together as a team. We mutually complement our knowledge and experience. We try to maintain a high level of competency. We are active people with rich general culture and broad interests. We believe that personal achievements are the basis of common success. Mutual support is essential for everyone. The Company ensures our motivation to work and develop.

The Management Team

Eng. Stoyan Dimitrov

Stoyan Dimitrov

Stoyan Dimitrov is a graduate of one of the most prestigious universities in Bulgaria- University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy. He is the founder of MIRAMAR and has deliberately planned the development of the Company. The principles of his technical education are the basis for his high professionalism. He has gradually upgraded his qualifications and focused his interests in the field of logistics and forwarding. He established MIRAMAR during one of the most complicated economic stages of the country's development. His attentiveness and forward planning underpin the development of MIRAMAR.

In 2017, the Company was restructured to enrich its portfolio of services and a new transport unit- Margate Trans EOOD was established.


Capt. Vladimir Ivanov

Vladimir Ivanov

Captain Ivanov is a co-founder of the Company and Manager of Margate Trans EOOD.

He has a degree in Maritime Navigation from the Naval Academy “"N.Y.Vaptsarov”. The university boasts a high degree of erudition. Captain Ivanov has gained experience in the management of different types of maritime transport. He uses his knowledge to support MIRAMAR in the field of logistics. He took the management of the road transport fleet.

Finance Department 

The Company establishes a secure internal system to monitor accounting operations and financial flows. The team is responsible for review and preparation of offers and cost control, and prevents our customers from sustaining non-profitable financial terms. 

To be our partner in this field, we have chosen a well-established accounting company. It ensures good control and proper documentation which is very important to our work.

Customs Clearance, Documentation and Forwarding Department

MIRAMAR can afford the most appropriate professionals. They have extremely high authority in the industry. They know the logistics conditions well and provide quality interconnection between documentation- transport- customs clearance- cargo management. They know the specifics of the work of all institutions. They ensure the correct order of formalities in deliveries, customs clearance and carriage of goods.

Shipping Agency Department

The personnel of this department consists of qualified shipping agents who know maritime law and port procedures. They develop detailed plans and ensure effective services.

Transport Department

Our Transport Department is a team that carefully and professionally ensures movement of goods. Professional competence and merchandise education ensure a comprehensive examination of the type of goods and the requirements for the movement of goods, and they plan a short and cheap route. When necessary, the team combines different modes of transport to satisfy the requirements of MIRAMAR’s clients.

MIRAMAR responds to the changing environment. The thirst for knowledge is our driving motivation- we observe, we learn and we prognosticate. 

We focus our attention on our customers- how the changes affect their business, what steps should be taken, and what are the desired results. Our team maintains clear information about the final consignee and ensures that it is properly applied in their business. MIRAMAR keeps transparent accountability and analyses details so as to properly assess the situation from the customer’s point of view. We review and adjust our commitments to make sure that we are able to fulfil them according to the customer standards.  The good working environment in the cooperation with colleagues and partners provides us with feedback so as to be innovative and keep pace with the new developments. 

Our forward-looking policy ensures a leading presence in the industry and allows us to offer adequate solutions. Our customers and partners know that they can rely on us. 

Our professionals, equipment and resources are available to the people who have chosen to work with us. With their help, they optimize their deliveries, move their goods, lower their costs and take a more competitive position in their business field. MIRAMAR implements its development plans and focuses them on one goal:  satisfied customers.

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