Fast and smooth customs clearance is an important element of the work of each supplier. MIRAMAR has competent personnel who take care of their qualifications and are leading professionals in their profession. Customs clearance is associated with many requirements that we know and control. Our customers know that the procedures related to import and export of goods within the European Union and Bulgaria will be carried out in a responsible, accountable and accurate manner. We introduce the consignees into the matters which are unknown to them. We ensure the procurement of all types of certificates. We bear the responsibility for their proper filling and registration in the Customs Agency- our professionals use the best software products.

What do you need to know to get the right documentation and freely dispose of your goods? We are here to answer you.

There are plenty of opportunities, especially when it comes to regular deliveries. We can offer an individual scheme of customs procedures that guarantees minimum costs and a convenient schedule for payment of state fees. We maintain a bank guarantee to secure the movement of your goods to the desired point of customs clearance. We will represent you before the customs authorities and protect your interests in case of physical control procedure. We will advise you about all necessary documents- you will pay reasonable customs charges.
Our support does not depend on the scale of the problem.