MIRAMAR provides two types of road transport services - as an independent service and as a part of the general logistics plan of delivery.

In 2016, we started the establishment of our own truck fleet, and in the beginning of 2019, the Company has 20 tilt chassis trailer trucks. By the middle of 2019, we are planning to purchase another 5 trucks. That part of our services is the most dynamic element- we maintain capabilities for transportation of containers or free cargoes. Our customers often have combined plans for the delivery of their goods, for which we can support them.

We have specialized equipment to provide a variety of loading and unloading services. We save time and money.

The carriage of goods is crucial for our customer’s profitability. Our customers do not want to waste power and energy to coordinate the logistics between the various companies. We have found a possibility to reduce formalities, unnecessary stays, unnecessary charges. You can place your order with us. We will carefully coordinate all details with you, such as volume of the transport vehicle, access to the warehouse, time of unloading, precise documentation and excellent control over the entire process.

We want to make sure that you will receive your goods using the most simplified and light procedures, at fair prices.