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Who can use our services?

- Manufacture companies willing to sell their produce in international markets and participate in the delivery proces;
- Foreign companies, interested in the export / import of Bulgarian goods and the relevant freight and customs conditions;
-Trade companies, dealing with foreign partners who seek assistance in the transportation, customs clearance and delivery of their goods and cargoes.
- Forwarding and freight companies.
- Persons interested in the organization of personal deliveries, transfer of their normal place of residence.

"MIRAMAR" Ltd. guarantees the confidentiality of all information!

We take pride in our working methods, in the establishment of long-lasting relationships with our clients. We do our best to come up with the widest range of services, in line with the principles of co-modality; to ensure the most profitable and well-balanced ways to employ our clients' recourses. For the successful implementation of our business policy we also rely on the good steady relationships with our partners.

We are in position to offer competitive pricing on loading – unloading operations and storage facilities in the initial and medial stages of the transportation process.

All of this opens the road to the fulfillment of our credo:
Personal attention and individual approach to every job we undertake.

Frequently asked questions:

• What can a container accommodate?
Depending on the kind of goods, a certain type of container is selected. Sometimes the characteristics of the cargo in question call for a specific type of container – open, refrigerated, etc. Containers have a certain maximum load capacity which is also a factor in the good quantity calculation. If it is a small shipment, then the groupage container option can be used.

• What is container transit time?
It is determined by the shipping lines. Sometimes there are opportunities for shortening the transit times on the basis of special arrangements.

• If I order goods via the Internet, what should I do to receive my order?
If the seller of the goods is located within the EU, then your shipment does not need to be cleared through customs.
If on the other hand, you order goods from a non-EU seller, then you receive a document from the Postal or Courier service involved in the shipment, which provides information about the type and value of the goods, subject to custom clearance. On the basis of this document we complete the necessary custom forms and assist you every step of the way through the process of custom clearance.
Sometimes you think you have placed your order with an EU Internet site or company, but they may turn out to be only an intermediary and the actual shipment may come from a non-EU country. In this case custom clearance is also a must.

• What do I have to pay upon import?
All imported goods are subject to import duty, VAT and some other fees depending on the specifics of the goods. The import duty rates and amounts are calculated on the basis of the European Customs tariff, all other fees and taxes are stipulated by different regulations and documents.

• Can I use customs preferences for the goods I import?

The European Union and Bulgaria as one of its member countries are a party to a series of agreements with third countries. In accordance with the specifics of the imported goods and provided that they are accompanied by the certificates demanded by these agreements, it is possible to diminish the duty amounts due to be paid upon import.

If you need any other information on matters, such as the abovementioned, please do not hesitate to contact us.