Miramar Ltd
8000 Bourgas,
6, Kniaz Al.Batenberg str. I - st floor

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Corporate Profile

MIRAMAR Ltd was founded in 1997, as a successor of "NAUTICO" – a single proprietorship company created 5 years earlier, whose main subject of business was customs documentation. The company has established and maintains a bank guarantee, and has also developed a highly efficient network of partnerships throughout the country.

As a response to the constantly growing needs of our clients and the market, the founders of "NAUTICO" set up "MIRAMAR" Ltd. The focus of its competence and business gradually moved into the field of international forwarding whereas every attempt was made to cover every aspect and detail, involved in the process of freight and logistics. An important step in that direction was the set up and maintenance of a storage center for cargo distribution.

"MIRAMAR" Ltd is an independent company, registered under the terms of the Bulgarian Trade Law. With the purpose of sustaining the independence of our business policy, we are not members of any regional, national or branch organizations.

The company's headquarters are located in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria. One of the best advantages of Burgas is the opportunities of intermodal air, maritime or road freight. There are several border export-import points in this area: the Port of Burgas, a railroad junction, an international motorway, Free zone and an airport. The city's status of a European Community border point allows for the implementation of all kinds of customs procedures and regimes. The company's location determines the major lines of its business activity – combined road and air transport to various destinations in the Balkan countries – Turkey, Serbia, and Macedonia as well as to distant places like China, India, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, etc.

The company's team has over 15 years of experience in international forwarding and brokerage accumulated in both state-owned and private transport companies from all around the country. The team maintains a friendly working environment and approaches every client with the due concern and attention. Applying resourcefulness and precision in our every-day tasks is our prime goal and intention, much in the style established by Milena Ivanova – manager and co-founder of "MIRAMAR" Ltd. It is complemented by the creative and dynamic work of Stoyan Dimitrov – also a manager and co-owner of the company.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best and most financially advantageous work scenarios, thus saving them time and money by means of high quality service and guarantee!

Our strong inner organization enables us to communicate promptly and clearly, to be flexible and responsive. We pursue and constantly try to apply innovative approaches to our business challenges, without however drifting too far away from the good traditional practices. We go about our every-day work in a disciplined, creative and dynamic manner as a response to the needs and expectations of our clients.

We know in detail all legal requirements and accounting regulations concerning our business, which promotes the development of an efficient working system thus enabling us to eliminate any likelihood of oversights or logistic errors.